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10x Renata CR1220 Watch Batteries Lithium  Watch Battery

  • High-Quality Swiss Battery
  • Long Expiry Date
  • Includes: 10x Renata CR1220 Watch Batteries


Can Be Replaceable For


  • Maxell CR/BR1220
  • Panasonic CR/BR1220
  • Murata CR/BR1220
  • Toshiba CR/BR1220
  • Energizer Eveready CR1220
  • Varta CR1220
  • Rayovac CR1220
  • Duracell DL1220
  • Timex PA
  • Seiko SB-T13


Technical Data


Capacity 35 mAh

Voltage 3 V

Weight 0.90 g

Diameter 12.5 mm

Height 2.0 mm


Technical Data Sheet CR1220

Renata CR1220 Watch Battery 3V Swiss Made | 10 Pack

SKU: RNT CR1220 10X
VAT Included

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