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  • Panasonic CR2032 Lithium Coin Batteries


    Panasonic Lithium coin CR2032 battery is the most well-known battery coin giving dependable, solid power for different gadgets. They are utilized to control little hardware gadgets, for example, number crunchers, wrist watches, different clinical gadgets, wellness apparatuses, toys



    Technical Details

    • Code :  CR-2032EL
    • Technology:  Lithium
    • Voltage:  3V
    • Diameter: 20 mm
    • Weight:  3,1 g
    • Shelf Life: 10 years
    • No mercury
    • High leak protection
    • Low self-discharge


    This Panasonic CR2032 battery can be used for memory back-up, digital watches, car keys, laser pens, fitness appliances and medical devices such as tensiometers and clinical thermometers.

    Panasonic CR2032 Lithium Coin Batteries | Multipack

    VAT Included

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