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  • Do you offer free delivery?
    Yes. We offer free delivery with all orders above £500. 1. We can only deliver to Lancashire area. 2. We can only deliver maximum 2 pallet loads at a time 3. We are unable to provide next day service. 4. We will only deliver to your company registered address if you have paid by PayPal 5. We are offering 2.4% discount if you pay by bank transfer.
  • Do you offer smaller quantity ?
    We can accommdate smaller quantity orders howeve the minimum qty we can accept is 50. We buy all our products in bulk and to get the greater discount we need to commit to our suppliers for larger quanity so it is not always possible for us to get a lower quantity.
  • Do you deliver outside Lancashire?
    We are a small company and we have limited capacity and we are unable to deliver outside Lancashire as of now and we are always prebooked for most of our stocks. However if you are able to collect the goods and pay by bank transfer, we are happy to supply you.
  • Can I sell your products online?
    We buy most of our products from authorised distributor and some of our customers do sell online, Our invoices are accepted by retailer like Amazon, However we strictly recommend you to check with respective websites as we are unable to take the stock back if you can not list or sell it
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